HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Software Built for Providers

SessionCare is a streamlined Virtual Visit software platform that helps providers get more done in less time.

Powerful, yet simple

Everything in SessionCare has been intentionally designed to include the features you want, right where you need them - without being overly complicated. Our team has been working in this space since 2007 and is leveraging industry best practices which allows our customers to use our experience to your advantage.

Intuitive User Interface

Get up and running quickly

Providers on average are able to transition to using SessionCare in 1-2 business days. Set up is easy, our telemedicine software is designed to be easy to understand for employees and patients.


Built for collaboration

We allow for cross-collaboration throughout the entire care team to make sure that all involved in the care of the patient are kept up to date and informed in order to allow for the best possible care outcomes in the most efficient way.


Accessible on all your devices

All you need is a device with a reliable internet connection to access to the SessionCare platform. You do not need to download any third party applications and we are compatible with most modern browsers.


Backed by an amazing support team

Whether you are an patient or a provider, we are here to provide help via documentation, phone or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SessionCare Platform Features

We offer advanced workflow features that mimic a brick and mortar facility experience delivered virtually. Whether you are a small practice or a large enterprise, we provide best in class functionality while also having the flexibility to customize your experience by integrating with other platforms or through custom development.

  • Scheduling/Queueing Dashboard
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Secure In-Session Workspace​
  • Role-Based Security​
  • HIPAA-Compliant Recording​
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Collaborative Screen Sharing
  • Stability, Security and Scalability​
  • Unlimited Support​

We have built a simple, easy to use scheduling and queueing system for all internal users to schedule and launch sessions and for participants to join sessions with reminders for all involved. The scheduler works equally well in home and medical environments and integrates into common scheduling platforms.

Patients are a one-touch click away from your session. Upon launching a session, they are brought to your Virtual Waiting Room where they can review information about the session, fill out E-Documents, view content via Custom Links, make payments and more.

Initiate and exchange chat messages with patients from your dashboard to your waiting room, or while in session. All messages sent including text, images or documents are encrypted and persistent throughout the session and can be sent to your EMR. At the end of the call, all call details, artifacts and elements are archived for later review or transfer.

Security is our utmost priority.  To ensure these encounters are secure, we allow for role-based security so that only the right person with with right credentials can initiate sessions.  Assign permissions to staff based on their role to ensure “minimum necessary” and appropriate access in accordance with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule.  Roles include: Account Administrator, Videoconferencing Host, Billing Manager, Scheduler and more.

Every detail about the video session, including shared content can be recorded and off-loaded into a secure vault backed by a BAA. The content can be accessed, archived and/or moved over to a storage medium of your choosing. This offering is uniquely flexible so let's chat to determine which options are best for your use case.

We offer a BAA to all who need the security of that. A BAA is a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) to HIPAA Technical Standards. Therefore, the legal liability from any improper handling of PHI on our part will be shifted from you, to us.

Any participant on the call can securely share any open application on their computer, including documents, browser web pages or even videos with their original sound. All meeting participants can still see each other while a screen is being shared and theplatform allows for participants to mark up, type and erase annotations.

The platform has been in development since 2015, Our owners are pioneers in the Telehealth and medical videoconferencing industry so we understand what is needed from a stable, secure, reliable platform. On top of that, we've built the platform to be able to scale through life's challenges like COVID19.

We know that your patient encounters need to happen seamlessly and they need to be meaningful. To help ensure that, we offer 24X7 support for all users and their participants.  Average response time for support calls is 24 seconds and most issues are resolved in under 5 minutes.

Get a better return on your telehealth investment

We only charge for sessions you actually use so say goodbye to large monthly fees for access platforms that you don't use consistently and say hello to monetizing every telehealth encounter.

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