About Us – Classic

Flexibility + Security + Stability + Support = SessionCare

We offer a secure, flexible and robust telemedicine platform designed to start where you are now while allowing you the ability to grow your telemedicine program to its fullest potential.

Our Mission

At SessionCare, we are transforming how people gain access to healthcare from wherever they are. We are forging a new kind of healthcare experience with greater convenience, value and more importantly patient outcomes. We love what we do and we want to help extend your care.

Our Story

The SessionCare story is one that was years in the making. The organization came together as a combination of two other telemedicine entities each forging their own path in the industry. As the story unfolded, it became clear that merging of the platform delivery and professional services expertise of the two companies made for a unique approach that not only provides clinical value but delivers it in a manner which is financially efficient as compared to traditional models.

Experience and Professionalism

With over 20 years of combined telemedicine experience, our team will assess your situation and create a custom plan that will put you on the path to get to your telemedicine goals. We understand the importance of working WITH you on the most effective ways to address the needs of your patient community in the most effective manner.

The Platform That Cares

Not only is care in our name, it is in our DNA. It is critically important to us to provide a best in class experience for you and your patients to administer virtual care in a way that is similar to a brick and mortar facility. We strive to help you improve your patients' quality of life and achieve their wellness goals in order to live their best possible life through interactive care.


Premium Design

We have developed best practices from our work with many customers and other platforms to come up with a best in class user interface and experience. You can leverage that experience to your benefit.

Custom Development

SessionCare was developed with extensibility in mind. We know there are many and varied clinical platforms that our customers need to pass data between so we've built secure and stable hooks into the platform.

Ubiquitous Access

We have seen too many other systems have issues with multi-platform access and cross-platform interoperability so we designed ours with as much device agnosticism as possible without the need for third party applications.

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