Custom HIPAA-Compliant Software Development

SessionCare can not only provide consulting services around program creation and the technology to support your initiatives but can also work on your behalf or complement your team on creating content, API/SDK programming and portal integration into your current website, platforms and EHR systems.


Many organizations have a requirement to develop their own portal to connect to our platform in a seamless manner.  These same organizations many times don’t have their IT resources available as they are working on other projects or they don’t have the resources at all.


Through our years of experience in helping healthcare organizations with vendor selection and program development, we have established best practices in regards to integrating the world’s most reliable clinical healthcare and telehealth software suites. We build these platform integrations to not only work with each other but we integrate and develop them with your web presence in mind as well.


The development team that created SessionCare are experts in building highly flexible, secure, stable and robust systems. They also have many years of experience in HIPAA-compliant front and back end web development, including but not limited to, provider and patient portals, content management, e-commerce, and web applications. On top of that we can help with API integrations into EMR/EHR platforms as well as medical peripherals and devices.

Web Design Expertise

Website development​

System design​

HIPAA compliant software​

Patient portals

Provider portals


Web applications

API integration

We support a wide variety of needs. If you can dream it, we can build it. Get in touch to learn how our platform can be configured to fit your requirements or platform.

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