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Why SessionCare and how does it work?

At SessionCare, we are bringing a new model to market.  Our customers have told us that the traditional “all you can eat” model simply does not work for them.  Rather than pay for unlimited accounts and not have everyone use them, we are offering a way for organizations to pay only for what they use.  Our service comes in a pre-defined number of sessions that never expire.  As you run low on sessions, we will remind you to re-up for more sessions or you can take advantage of our “auto-refill” feature which puts more sessions in your balance when you hit a pre-defined level. Sessions are offered in 20 minute increments as a standard but we can work with you to come up with a plan that works for you. We will not ever cut off a session for our customers.  If you run more than 10% over on your call, we will just deduct another session from your session credits. Every registered user (practitioner) will have a small monthly user fee and every registered user will have access to the combined amount of organizational sessions. As a reaction to the COVID pandemic, public and private reimbursements for telemedicine encounters are greater than they have ever been.  As such, each session should be a monetizing event and the true cost of each session will be a known fixed cost.

There are no applications to download and run to make it work.  We use the WebRTC video engine and built our workflow around it.  Our video engine works within the well-known browsers in the market, including Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  Our video window and associated workflow application all operate within a single pane of glass thus eliminating the need to tab back and forth between applications.  This cuts down on the amount of support, particularly for those not particularly comfortable with technology.

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