Pricing – Classic

Pricing that fits your telehealth program

Simply Choose How Many Providers You Wish To Enable With A License And Then Choose How Many Sessions You Would Like


Choose the number of providers who will conduct telehealth sessions. You will be charged monthly for each provider in your account. Provider licenses do not include sessions, they will be added separately.

$14.99/ Provider


Sessions are unique encounters conducted via secure video, voice and/or chat.  The session balance is shared among all providers within your account. Each session includes 20 minutes of live video and voice interaction for up to three participants. Unused sessions do not expire. When your balance gets low, you can either buy more manually or configure your account to reload automatically.

$0.89 / Session

Standard In-Session Provider Tools Include

Screen Sharing

Share your screen and content securely with all participants.


Queueing allows you to prioritize your patients and assign them to different specialty queues.


Schedule your sessions directly from our platform. Meeting invites and reminders will be sent to the patient with integration into other common scheduling platforms.

Virtual Waiting Room

WIth one click, patients can enter a waiting room. From there the provider gets the notification that someone is waiting. During the time in the waiting room, patients can fill out documents, view content, make payments and more.

Secure File Transfer

Send encrypted files securely between provider and patient and archive them in the session archive.

Secure Chat

Initiate and exchange secure chat messages from within the provider dashboard.

Online Payments

You have the ability to collect payment through our platform for your convenience.

Secure Session Archiving

All session details and elements, including chat messages, files transferred and call detail records are available and kept in the session archive.

Optional Features

Group Sessions

If a session includes more than three participants, your account is billed a flat fee of $0.79 for each additional participant at the end of the billing month. Group sessions balance can be tracked in your account management portal.

Recording & Archival

This feature allows for any provider to record and archive any session. Decide to record in an ad-hoc basis and be charged $1.50 per recorded session at the end of the billing month OR add the recording plan up front and pay $5.00 for each active provider per month and a flat fee of $0.75 per recorded session at the end of the billing month.

Enterprise/Custom Plan

If you have a desire to customize your plan with additional integrations with other platforms, just call us for a discovery session to uncover how we can help.

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