Telehealth Hardware

We offer mobile and
customizable telehealth hardware systems for many use cases and settings.
SessionCare supports a range of telehealth equipment, including devices,
peripherals and medical carts that integrate with our best in class software.
Where hardware is needed to enhance or complement the patient experience, we
can deliver a cost-effective total solution combination. This combination
allows patients to connect to remote providers which enables examinations from
to various health settings, inside and outside of the four walls of the
physical point of care.

Telehealth Carts

Our telehealth carts are designed to support in-patient and out-patient care. Just like our software, they can be customized and outfitted to handle various use cases in order to provide timely access to remote specialists. These carts bring specialists to where they are needed and allow for complete remote patient exams. Through this offering, we can accelerate and enhance decision making through sharing of real-time media feeds (audio, video and images) along with patient data.


We have partnered with world-class organizations to provide clinically focused telehealth devices that integrate with our software and carts to share diagnostic data with remote providers and enable real time, informed assessments from and to various points of care.

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